Saturday, October 23, 2010

Facebook's new groups are not my friends.

Anyone who's found themselves a member of a group they want nothing to do with gets where I'm coming from. That's right, if you missed the memo, any of your friends can add you to any group they're in, as easily as tagging you in a photo. And if you happen to have a few hundred friends because someone talked you into playing an app that you can not win at without at least 70 bazillion clan/order/neighbor/herd members, it could end in hilarity. FB's own founder was a member of a pedophile group for a while because someone added him. Google it.

But I'm not here to repeat what everyone else has written on their blogs. (Please ignore the fact that I just did. Thank you!) I'm here to entertain myself by writing. Wait. I mean, I'm here to talk about how weird it can be leaving a group you were added to. And if I entertain myself, even better.

I was added to "destroy those who threaten ur kids and pray on single moms" today. Talk about awkward. I have lots of respect for single moms. Tons, in fact. The subject is very close to me, and you guys who know me personally can feel free to have a smirk right now. Because you also know how much bad grammar, chatspeak, and misspelling kill me. I was an English major for a while because I knew I'd be good at it. It's ingrained in the very fiber of my being.

Thus began the mental war. Do I stay in the group because it's about protecting single moms and their kids? Do I leave because it uses the questionable word ur and the word pray instead of prey? If I leave the group, what will happen? Will it show up as a post in the group?

Lyric Frey has left the group. Lyric does not support this cause. In fact, Lyric wants to threaten ur kids and be very, very mean to ur single moms. Lyric is not in ur group supportin' ur cause.

No, actually, it didn't post that. It just took my name out of the "so-and-so invited these two people and 43 more" post. So I'm safe. Except I just totally posted it all here.

I'm so sorry I left your group over something as trivial as spelling and grammar! Still be my friend! We have a bunch in common and play some app together, which is why I added you! OMG I FEEL LIKE SUCH A TOOL!

I went through this the other day when a friend tagged me in some year-old Facebook photos. They weren't great pictures, but they weren't horrible. Still, they're a year old and I knew they existed. I chose not to tag myself because my name was written in the description. I spent two Facebook-days glancing at the announcement that I'd been tagged and debating un-tagging myself to get it out of my way. Then I left it. I figured it had been there two days, so whatever.

I'll try to write something that's actually interesting next time. Facebook so doesn't count as a worthy topic, no matter how much time I won't confess to spending on it every day clicking things and staring at the magic glowing computer screen. Soooo hypnotic...

P.S. I see the glaring grammar mistakes I've made, but fixing them ruins the casual tone of the post. I am such a hypocrite! Forgive meeeee!

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