Monday, May 20, 2013

Does This Job Come With Benefits?

I'm not too bad-looking. I'd say I clean up well enough. My first day on the job my boss said, "Don't let them flirt with you. And they will." And they did. Two weeks later I've got a date coming up this weekend and a friend who has confiscated my right to low self-esteem due to my persistent single status.

The last time I had a date (more than two years), I exploded with nervescitement. It was high school all over again with the talk and the social panic. This time was actually kind of fun, though. And then, of all the ridiculous things for me to think about, I realized that the nicest clothes I own are my work clothes.

When you're unemployed for a while and don't get out much, or at least in my personal experience, you don't buy new clothes for yourself. It doesn't matter if the edges are frayed, doesn't matter if there's a little stain right there. Who's going to see you anyway?

Well, maybe, just maybe, you have three interviews and have to wear your "best shirt" more than once. Maybe you realize that your "best shirt" might not work the same for a movie date as it did for the old lady who interviewed you. Three times. Maybe, and this is all hypothetical here, maybe this movie date is an attractive person whom you find witty, amusing, and/or attractive. Like, really attractive. Hypothetically.

It'd be cheating to buy something from the discount store I work at, right? Especially since my not-actually-hypothetical date is doing work for said discount store until sometime this summer? Maybe I'll go next door to the factory outlet place and get something there instead. I'm not vain or anything, but I'd like to look at least as decent as I do in my work clothes. That's fine, right?

Like I said, high school. At least I'm not talking in all caps this time. I did that yesterday, via text.

There was no date, after all. Someone went and got drunk instead, and my interest faded while watching them work with a hangover. Nothing ever got arranged and nothing ever happened. The end.

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