Friday, November 12, 2010

To the Batmobed!

I know, I haven't written in forever. You forgive me, right? I had a minor stress attack and abandoned everything to rebuild my sims bigger and better, denied myself naps, and used my lizard light. (Victory there, at least.) So my mind is working again, and at 2 a.m. I should be in bed fast asleep.

Why the hell am I up?

Easy answer: I remembered that I'm a kickass graphic designer, when I get into the zone. Which was about three and a half hours ago. BUT in those three and a half hours, I followed a poorly-written but well-executed tutorial and made myself a crystal ball.

I hate watermarks, so I didn't make one. I just outright messed it up, and it was fun so I'm happy. Besides, who knows when an image that says "Sucks to Be You" could come in handy?

But I digress. I played on Photoshop for three and a half hours and had to show off, and now I'm actually going to sleep. For a few hours. We'll see if I let myself nap again in the morning.

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