Tuesday, March 26, 2013

A New Blog

Why, in the name of all that is good in this world, would I start a second blog? You rarely get as much as a post per month out of me as-is, unless I'm feeling especially moody, right?

This second blog, depending on your taste, might just fill those gaps. That is why.

I love to write. I write about my misadventures, I write about living with Clinical Depression, and occasionally I tuck something in for your amusement. Plus the cheese factory stories. It wouldn't be my blog if you didn't hear some cheese anecdotes now and then. Unfortunately, posts like these depend on my mood and whether anything is happening that I deem interesting enough to write about.

The rest of the time I write fiction. I write one-page blurbs about a set of characters my friends are familiar with, and they seem to enjoy getting my messages: Here, read this. Did you like it? Did you like the part where they decided to make out?

Oh yeah, I ought to put a disclaimer in here somewhere.


My short fiction explores themes which require an open-minded audience. It deals with discovering sexuality, living with difficult decisions, and loss. It's snapshots of characters' lives, in no particular order. It may feature fantasy elements, it may be fluffy bits of same-sex relationships. And it's fiction.

That is why it needs its own blog. This blog is my personal thoughts and experiences. It's things that actually happen to me, through glasses tinted with my sense of humor and perspective. It's normal events presented with flair and accidents of life presented as everyday occurrences.

This blog will continue as it has since October 2010 (sporadically). But for those who are interested in what my mind can come up with out of nothing, I offer you Dahlia at Large. If you are not interested, stay here and don't worry about it. Unless it spills over into my "real" life, you won't even hear about it again.

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