Friday, January 18, 2013

Close, But No Job

The interview was an hour long. They didn't seem interested in my work, but asked a lot of questions about my field in general, giving me the impression that they weren't actually sure what they wanted. They didn't ask for references until last night, via e-mail. Two professional and two personal. I sent them off today, and within a couple hours, got back a rejection e-mail.

We appreciate the time you took to come out Wednesday, but we have decided we are looking for someone with a little more previous work experience for this specific position.

I actually wonder if anyone else applied for the job. I live in the middle of nowhere, and this place is located just outside town. There are plenty of lawyers, nurses, truckers, and construction workers here, but not so many designers. They may have decided they didn't need anyone; who knows?

So I'll just be overthere eating a bowl of comfort cereal and learning about Amazon Mechanical Turking...

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